Terms & Conditions


  • Deposit $150 per day of reserved fishing
  • Policy is the deposit is returned when cancelling over 30 days notice. A $20 processing fee will apply.
  • No refund will apply for individual.
  • For long term multi-year customers it is the Captains judgment call to offer a gift certificate for the cancelled trip deposit.

Weather Guarantee

  • Like fishing lodges, we ‘do not’ charge you if we cannot get out fishing due to weather.
  • We actually will re-schedule, if possible to get you back out fishing ASAP.
  • We will refund your deposit if we cannot reschedule your trip

Catch Salmon or Halibut Guaranteed.

  • This guarantee applies to 8 hour and 10 hour, 2 day & 3 day fishing packages only
  • The catch salmon or halibut guarantee does not apply to a single day of fishing.
  • If we do not catch salmon or halibut on the 2/3 day trips. Our guarantee is that we will take you out until we do catch fish.
  • Catch and releasing salmon or halibut is considered catching fish. Now can guarantee that you catch salmon or halibut, but we will not guarantee that you will catch a 70 lb Spring Salmon or a 100lb Halibut. They are out there though and plenty of them on the offshore banks of Tofino and Ucluelet